Kacper, the guy who created Scrapbook

What's up!

I'm Kacper, Growth Marketer and Maker of Scrapbook.
Inspired by Brian Balfour's article on becoming a customer acquisition expert, I decided to start building my own collection of tactics.

In my daily Growth Marketer role (agency, in-house, consulting), whenever I tested or saw a tactic that could be used again in the future, I put it in my scrapbook, categorized, and described it. Over time, I collected over 250 SaaS tactics and over 180 ecommerce tactics.

I'm convinced it will help any marketer or founder fill their idea backlog and generate more revenue for their business.

What's the problem with other tactics lists?

Literally all other lists I've found on the Internet are either super basic or make it hard to find what you're looking for.

In Scrapbook, you won't find obvious tactic ideas like 'run Facebook ads' or 'launch on Product Hunt'. You can also filter them by funnel step or tag to quickly find new ideas to grow faster.