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Most SaaS headlines suck. Make yours stand out.
Use these headline formulas to create a clear and compelling headline for your SaaS and convert more traffic.
What can you do to make your headline more compelling?
Define your personas and the value props they care about (hopefully you've done this already).
Pick a couple of formulas that fit your value props.
Create multiple headline variations using each formula. Then, pick the best ones and test them.
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SaaS headline formulas

Pros without cons

{Achieve desirable outcome} without {pain point}

This versatile formula combines the outcome that users care about with addressing their concerns. Being upfront about their main pain point will make users confident that your product is the right fit to solve it.

Expanded ideal for

{Key feature/product type} for {target audience} to {what it's used for}

Add more clarity to the 'Ideal for' formula by saying what your product is mainly used for. Worth trying in less established niches where use cases are not easily understood yet.

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Skills not required

You don't have to {skills or resources your audience doesn't have} to {achieve desirable outcome}

Overcome objections related to insufficient skills or resources of your audience by explicitly stating they're not required to achieve the desired outcome. Good fit for products reducing the complexity of some processes and in niches that are thought to be accessible only to a narrow audience.


{Key benefit of your product}

A very straightforward formula - just say what your product enables users to do in simple terms. Works best for products with a simple use case.

Stay for everything else

Come for our {most recognizable feature}. Stay for everything else.

This headline, best suited for all-in-one tools, highlights the fact that the product offers much more than just the main feature it's known for.


{Achieve desirable outcome} in {short amount of time}

Use this simple headline formula if the time-saving aspect of your product is crucial to your audience. Satisfying their need in a shorter time than expected is a compelling benefit.

Cut time in half

Cut {activity} time in half

If a task (especially a recurring one) your audience needs to complete is time-consuming and your product enables to dramatically shorten, then this headline will definitely sound convincing.

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