10 Best Agriculture Marketing Agencies You HAVE to Know About | 2024 Update

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Navigating the landscape of agriculture marketing agencies can be a daunting task, especially when you're unsure about what to look for. You want an agency that understands the unique needs and challenges of your industry, one that can effectively communicate your brand's value to both farmers and consumers.

In this article, we've curated a list of the best agriculture marketing agencies, taking the guesswork out of your search. We'll provide insights on their strengths and how they might align with your business objectives. By the end of this read, you'll have a clear direction on picking the right agency for your needs.

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Founded year:
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

AdFarm is a marketing agency for agricultural companies, using real farm experience and proprietary insights to drive results.

The team are not just marketers but farmers, so they understand the industry from the ground up.

AdFarm’s expertise covers crop nutrition and protection, technology, and animal health, and work with clients from global giants like Nutrien to innovative start-ups.

Some of their work includes expanding AgBiome’s Howler into new markets and relaunching Rain Bird Agriculture.

For Nutrien they launched Smart Nutrition and refreshed the eKonomics platform.

Founded year:
Byley, England, United Kingdom

Hillsgreen is an agriculture marketing agency that has mastered the art of connecting rural businesses with people. They are the perfect partners for companies involved in agriculture, horticulture, animal health and farming equipment who want to get their message across effectively and efficiently.

This UK-based team understands the ins and outs of rural markets like no other. They have an impressive portfolio of clients ranging from family farms to global agribusinesses. Hillsgreen's unique approach involves diving deep into understanding your business, customers and competitors, which allows them to craft a marketing strategy tailored just for you.

What sets Hillsgreen apart is their comprehensive suite of services - everything from strategic planning and branding to digital marketing and PR. This ensures all your marketing needs are covered under one roof. And it's not just about flashy campaigns; they also focus on delivering measurable results that will help drive growth for your business in the long term. So if you're in the agri-business sphere looking for some serious marketing firepower, Hillsgreen should be on top of your list.

Founded year:
Kingswood, England, United Kingdom

RDP Communications is a full-service communications agency specializing in agriculture, animal health, and sustainability.

They help brands thrive by researching, developing, and positioning them across multiple platforms. They offer public relations, strategic marketing solutions, branding, and media strategies.

RDP Communications's clients include The Andersons Centre, for whom RDP rewrote their monthly newsletter to make it more appealing and showcase their offerings more effectively, and Yara which has worked with RDP for over 17 years on PR initiatives to get their messages to the right people.

Other clients RDP helped with comms with include Farmplan, Agrii, and Syngenta.

Founded year:
Grantham, England, United Kingdom

Dupree International is a seasoned player in the field of agriculture marketing. They're your go-to team when you need to weave the narratives of the farming world with the dynamism of modern marketing.

They work with a diverse array of clients, ranging from independent farmers and agri-tech startups to established agricultural businesses. The common thread? A passion for advancing agriculture and a desire to tell compelling stories that resonate with audiences. Dupree International understands the unique challenges and opportunities within this sector, and they know how to translate this understanding into powerful marketing strategies.

But what truly sets Dupree International apart is their holistic approach to marketing. They're not just about catchy campaigns or flashy websites; they believe in building brands from the ground up. This means diving deep into your brand's DNA, understanding your goals, and creating a tailored plan that covers everything from branding to digital advertising. Their ultimate aim? To help your business flourish in an increasingly competitive agricultural market.

Founded year:
West Des Moines, Iowa, United States

Meyocks is an agricultural advertising and marketing agency with deep expertise in connecting ag brands to their target audience.

Since they focus on the ag industry, they understand the unique needs and challenges of farmers, ranchers, and ag business owners.

Meyocks has worked with clients like American AgCredit where they helped evolve the brand for the digital age and Dragotec USA where they created online and offline campaigns highlighting the innovative features of Drago corn heads.

Their client list also includes AgChoice Farm Credit who got a cost-effective lead gen program, and Farm Credit Services of America whose website Meyocks has redesigned to tell their brand story better.

Founded year:
England, United Kingdom

Flame Marketing works with the agricultural and rural sectors to deliver bespoke marketing solutions.

They can help with developing a marketing strategy, SEO, website refreshes, marketing campaign management, and blog and social media content.

Their core offering includes the Firestarter Marketing Strategy Package which helps transform farm businesses by addressing market research, SEO reviews, and content creation. The Firecracker Social Media Strategy Package helps agri-businesses target higher-income consumers who value quality produce.

They have a history of delivering results for their clients. For example, after re-vamping Bright Star Lettings' website with targeted content and improved user experience based on extensive SEO research, their organic traffic increased by 80% and they got a record number of client inquiries.

For Cornerstone Property Development, Flame Marketing used social media to generate leads before construction even started and saved the client £15,000 in estate agent fees.

Founded year:
Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom

Represent is an agricultural marketing agency that offers services such as PR, digital marketing, social media, SEO, media training, influencer marketing, stakeholder engagement, and crisis management.

They have strong relationships with key industry media like Scottish Farmer and Farmers Weekly and have worked with big clients like RHASS (Royal Highland and Agricultural Society of Scotland) and the Royal Highland Show whom they helped boost their presence and brand awareness.

Their team can create technical content for all aspects of agriculture – from crop production to livestock management. Represent’s approach includes writing editorial content, managing social media accounts, developing media content, and even running award programs.

They also offer advice on issues management, design and print solutions, and event management.

Founded year:
Waukesha, Wisconsin, United States

MorganMyers offers branding, experiential marketing, integrated communications, SEO, and website development services for food and agriculture companies.

Notable projects include a long-term SEO strategy for Post Consumer Brands that increased their organic traffic by 55% in just a quarter, and a website redesign for Red Star Yeast that resulted in 67% more organic traffic to their recipe pages.

They've also done some great work for clients like Illinois Farm Families, Iowa Premium, and Merck Animal Health where they help them build consumer trust and brand differentiation.

For example, their work with the Illinois Soybean Association was an experiential marketing tour that highlighted soy protein benefits, and their micro-influencer program for Merck Animal Health positioned the company as a trusted partner for cattle producers.

Founded year:
Madison, Wisconsin, United States

Broadhead is an independent, employee-owned, full-service creative agency specializing in data-led engagement for agriculture companies.

With 220 people, from strategic thinkers to creative problem solvers, they use their expertise to work with clients across many industries. They’ve delivered big results for clients like Boehringer Ingelheim through their “Art of Horse” campaign and Wilbur-Ellis with “The Power of We” to show we they deliver big agricultural marketing "">Broadhead’s clients include also big names like Best Buy where they designed the iconic gift cards, and Hewlett Packard Enterprise for whom they executed a global brand launch.

Aside from agriculture, Broadhead works across many sectors including food & beverage, health & wellness, retail, and transportation. For example, they’ve rebranded Highland Popcorn and My Burger in the food sector and Basecamp Fitness in the health sector.</</

Founded year:
Northampton, England, United Kingdom

GWCM is a specialist UK agricultural marketing agency that delivers full-service marketing solutions for the agri sector.

Their expertise includes brand positioning, website development, social media, marketing communications, and digital advertising.

GWCM works with large corporates and innovative AgTech start-ups to help them connect with their target audiences through strategic and creative campaigns.

Syngenta and the National Farmers Union (NFU) are some of GWCM’s success stories. For Syngenta, they built a custom exhibition stand at BTME that won the ‘Best in Show’ award.<"">Some other clients include FloriPro, CropLife, and FuturAg.

Wrapping up + extra tip

In a nutshell, these top-notch agriculture marketing agencies have proven track records of delivering successful campaigns. They blend creativity with data-driven strategies to elevate agricultural businesses. No matter the size or scope of your farming operation, partnering with one of these agencies can help you reap more visibility and growth.

Remember, every agency has its own strengths and unique approaches. The key is to find the one that aligns best with your business goals and values. So, don't rush it; take your time to do some digging before you sow the seeds for a fruitful marketing partnership.

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