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Dyper offers premium disposable diapers that are super soft and absorbent, while also being environment-friendly.

Here’s their 25% off landing page that I analyzed.


1/ The hero section clearly explains what the product is and why parents should care.


2/ An infographic is used to showcase the product’s features in an easy-to-scan way.


3/ Dyper’s key value prop is their product being environment-friendly, so to make this claim credible, they display relevant certificates.


4/ To drive the environment-friendly argument home, their comparison table is focused solely on this aspect.


5/ The testimonials mention specific benefits + how Dyper is superior to other similar products.


6/ As not all visitors are used to subscribing to a product like this, Dyper has a whole section explaining the benefits of a diaper subscription. They don’t offer one-time purchases so they need to make sure users are comfortable with this payment form.


7/ The landing page ends with a founder story which builds a more personal connection with visitors. People prefer to buy from other individuals and companies they like (Cialdini's liking principle), and whose stories they identify with because of similarities or shared values.

4 elements to take note of:


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