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Written by: Kacper Staniul
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Founded in 2018, Huron is a men's DTC personal care brand offering premium, all-natural skincare products manufactured in the US.

Here's the landing page I analyzed:

Let's have a look at what they're doing right and where they still have room for improvement.

1/ The discount popup appears only a couple of seconds after users land on the page. That's too soon as it doesn't give users a chance to read the hero copy. Also, some % of users who get the discount would convert anyway, so it unnecessarily lowers the AOV.

Recommendation: display the popup on exit-intent instead. It would not only keep Huron's AOV higher but also not annoy users.

2/ Hero section:

First, do all these discounts stack? Or should users pick the largest one?

And second, the promo bar offer only applies to the most expensive bundle (Jumbo Shower Kit) as it's the only one priced above $65. But the price gap between the 3 product options ($14 between #1 and #2, and $49 between #2 and #3) suggests Huron wants users to pick the middle one. It makes the choice harder for users.

Recommendation: first of all, don't make users think. The more effort they need to put into the buying decision, the more likely they'll abandon the process. Using 3 different discounts at a time not only creates confusion but also lowers the AOV too much.

Stick to one discount at a time.

→ Make it obvious which product option is the best choice to reduce the cognitive load.

3/ The following section is kind of a listicle inside this sales page which Huron uses to introduce their products' and brand's benefits.

They use the following psychological principles to make the offer persuasive:

This listicle section is not bad. But it could be even more persuasive by:

4/ The next section features UGC videos. While it's better than nothing, they don't sound like genuine reviews from users who love Huron's products. They most likely come from online creators who are Huron's affiliates.

So, whenever possible, use testimonials from users who don't have any incentives for sharing their opinions about your products as these sound more natural and work better as social proof.

5/ Then, there's a comparison table meant to differentiate Huron from both mass and luxury brands. It's a good way of positioning their products as "affordable luxury".

However, there are too many generics used that make it less believable:

6/ And lastly, a section about science and performance... that's as generic as those higher up the page.

Here's how it could be improved:

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