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Written by: Kacper Staniul
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Miracle Made is a home essentials DTC brand offering premium silver-infused towels and sheets, as well as detergents (which are a very smart cross-sell play to increase LTV).

Here’s the landing page of their detergent product that I analyzed.


1/ Strong hero section:


2/ The quote below the hero checks best practices of an effective testimonial:


3/ GIFs not only make the page more engaging than static images but also, one GIF conveys as much information as a couple of images, making the page more succinct.

4/ Headings communicate information, acting as summaries rather than intros → page is optimized for scanning. Descriptions are concise and expand on what the headings tease.


5/ Miracle didn’t use random quotes in the testimonials section - each of them is very specific and highlights the many personas their product helps.


6/ My favorite part of this LP. Instead of a regular buy box, Miracle uses a kind of good-better-best pricing (that’s mostly used in SaaS) to increase their AOV.

Even though they only have one detergent product in their offering, they created 3 pricing tiers and incentivize users to select one of the two higher tiers using discounts and household size labels.

The household size labels are a great way of reducing cognitive load and helping users quickly “qualify themselves” to the product tier they belong to.

And of course, subscription is the default option with an extra discount.



1/ Probably not many visitors will notice it but while we scroll the page Rebecca changes her name to Li’el and moves from Santa Cruz to San Juan. Which means that either Miracle Made used the wrong image in one of these testimonials (hopefully) or they’re just fake. Either way, not good for credibility.


2/ Another alarming thing is that the page was last updated in December 2021. Even if it performs well, is there really no testing going on? Or were there no winning tests they implemented since then? ;)


3/ Other than that, it’s hard to find any bigger issues on this LP. It follows all best practices, copy is clear and compelling, and the offer is structured well.

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