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Written by: Kacper Staniul
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Beauty, cosmetic & personal care
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Nood is a DTC brand offering affordable and pain-free permanent hair removal device, called The Flasher. The whole treatment usually takes only 8 weeks and is done at home.

Here’s the LP I analyzed:

Let's dive in.

1/ Hero:

2/ Product section:

3/ Lower down the page, there's a collapsible section that also includes product details and 'how it works'. This is key product information that you want all landing page users to read, so it shouldn't be hidden like this.

4/ The testimonial section contains all kinds of social proof: before and after images from users (including timelines), reviews mentioning specifics they like about Nood, and a large number of total customers.

5/ What I pointed out earlier, in the product section, as confusing, Nood nicely makes up for in this section. This align buyers' expectations with what and when the product can actually deliver.

6/ The savings from using Nood are huge compared to other permanent hair removal solutions so I'm surprised this section is placed almost at the bottom of the landing page. It seems like a very compelling benefit, so I'd definitely move it higher up the page. And at least mention the 90% savings in one of the top sections.

7/ The page ends with Nood boasting about their product being FDA-cleared which works great for their credibility. Two dermatologists (I guess?) are shown to enhance this effect, although it's unclear who they are or how they're affiliated with Nood.

When using certified professionals to boost credibility, remember to show their names, credentials, and ideally their quotes approving of your product.

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