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Old School Labs offers “Golden Era of bodybuilding” branded fitness supplements.

Today, I analyzed the landing page of their creatine product. It has a lot of credibility issues so let’s go through them all and see how we can fix them.

1/ The headline says “not all creatine is created equal” which itself is not bad. The problem is, as we can see in the hero section and the rest of the page, that Old School Labs fails to explain how their product is different than other creatines.


2/ After seeing a headline like “backed by decades of research”, you’d expect some more details about this research, like the results, the institutions that did it, etc. Instead, the LP shows some very generic benefit descriptions.


3/ The following section fails to back up its claims again. When talking about the superiority of your manufacturing or quality control process, you have to show some proof like certificates, 3rd party labs’ logos (like in this case), or even a photo of your founder in the lab/factory supervising the process. These will make your claims more believable.


4/ 150 million CFU? What’s that? Is that a lot? In how many grams of creatine? One phrase but leaves so many questions unanswered. I bet a large majority of visitors (that are the target audience for this product) will have no idea what CFU stands for, so:

a) Explain what it means

b) Help users understand how much it is by comparing it to the amount of probiotic cultures people usually consume in some common food, e.g. “one scoop of our creatine has 10x the probiotic cultures a cup of plain yogurt has.”


5/ Product section:


6/ If you (or your copywriter) feel like you need to add an ‘about’ section halfway through the LP, you should probably start from scratch.


7/ When displaying the number of customer reviews, always display them on the page and link to the section. Otherwise, visitors can’t be sure you’re not making this number up. Old School Labs only displays 3 reviews they picked themselves.


8/ Then, there’s a section saying that the creatine is “trusted by the greats.” But what does trusted mean? Did these bodybuilders use it when they won their titles? Are they using it now? Anyone could put celebrity images on their LP and say their product is “trusted by them.” But if you don’t even show an image of celebrities holding the product, it makes it very hard to believe it’s true.


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