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Proper Wild sells natural energy shots that boast of having 2x more caffeine than an espresso shot and 15x more L-Theanine than a cup of green tea. This results in better cognitive performance while reducing the crash and jitters compared to drinking coffee.

Here's their 'buy 3, get 2 free' LP


1/ The brain alertness image is a great example of "show, don't tell" done right. They could talk about all the scientific studies that prove this benefit but this one image will always be more compelling and memorable to shoppers. I'd definitely move it higher up the page.


2/ They use icons quite a lot on this page (in 4 sections) to break down content. All icons match the content very closely making it easier to digest.


3/ There's a pretty standard comparison table but it's very concise and clear, with all the key benefits highlighted, leaving no doubt that Proper Wild is the best choice.



1/ The hero copy "Powerful, Plant-Based Energy Shots" is very weak and not enticing at all. It's the kind of headline that makes visitors think "so what?" and close the tab.

2/ Proper Wild's "talented board of experts" are... stock image experts. It's not hard to tell as they just look too perfect. What's worse, even the reviewers' images are stock photos. If visitors realize it's a fact, Proper Wild's trustworthiness will suffer a lot.


3/ While the brain image section I mentioned before is great, it lacks references to scientific articles which would add credibility. They do have a separate page for that but the LP doesn't mention any of these sources.

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