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Written by: Kacper Staniul
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Sträva is a DTC brand selling coffee beans infused with CBD. Their product promises to relieve pain, anxiety, and improve sleep.

Here’s their ‘20% off’ LP and some of the ads driving traffic to it (note: running for 8 months now):



1/ 2M cups and being on the market since 2015 works well for establishing credibility.


Unfortunately, this element is the only positive thing about this LP.


1/ First of all, the goal of driving traffic to a landing page is to:

How Sträva goes against them:

2/ Sträva uses a little-known concept of “functional coffee” as the headline. Here’s what’s wrong with that:


3/ The CTAs on the page say “discover functional coffee” and “learn more” but lead to the homepage that doesn’t mention functional coffee even once.


4/ In the middle of the LP, there is a one-sentence description which is definitely not enough to explain what “functional coffee” is and to convince users they need it. Also, “promote mental wellness and cognitive performance” is way too generic. The more specific the benefits, the more effective they are.


5/ While offering users a discount for their first purchase is a good way of decreasing friction, the copy used in this section is very poor. The goal of this campaign is not to make users ‘stay in the loop’ and ‘hear about other promotions’ but to get them to purchase now. Sträva should make it clear that users should leave their email and then proceed in the flow to use the code.


6/ Is there any coffee brand that doesn’t say it’s made with the best ingredients? Such copy doesn’t help Sträva to stand out from the competition. If your ingredients actually are of the highest quality, show and explain how the ingredients are sourced, what you do to ensure the quality, if you have any certificates, show pictures with the farmers, etc. Anything that makes the claim more believable.


7/ Every time you make a bold claim, like “revolutionary coffee”, make sure you have some solid arguments to back it up. Otherwise, users will wonder “cool but what’s so revolutionary about it?”


So how could Sträva optimize this campaign?

Some quick ideas that I bet would have a huge impact on performance:


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