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Written by: Kacper Staniul
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Tenzo is a DTC brand founded in 2016 that sells organic Japan-sourced matcha powder that provides long-lasting energy with no jitters or crashes.

Here’s the page I had a look at:

Btw if you see a page URL with a format like this, it’s usually worth checking v1, v2, v3, v5 etc. to see what other variations a company has been testing).

One of the ads driving traffic to it uses a creative that I’ve already seen a very long time ago, so I guess it’s working really well for them.


Why is it so effective? Tenzo is aware that its target audience is not switching from other matcha brands but from coffee.

The key thing here is to understand what the real alternative is that your target audience compares your product with in their minds. Most of the time, such a message resonates with a much bigger audience too, as in this case.

Takeaway: position your product not against competitors but against other solutions your potential customers are currently using (tactic #192 in Scrapbook Ecommerce).

Let’s get to the LP now.


1/ Hero images are solid - they clearly show what’s included in the order, a brief overview of the benefits, and how to use the product.


2/ Lower down the page, there’s a comparison table that follows through on the idea from the ad creative - Tenzo is compared to other sources of energy, and not their direct competitors.

There are 2 inaccuracies though. First, the $0.66 cost per serving is less than half of the cost they show in the hero section ($1.33). And second, coffee and energy drinks also give concentration and focus while the table says otherwise.

If users notice it, Tenzo will seem less trustworthy in their eyes.


3/ Then, there are some neat step-by-step GIFs on how easy and quick it is to prepare a matcha drink using Tenzo.


4/ I also really liked this review section header. Makes the reviews feel more valuable.


5/ Offering one-on-one training services is a great way of improving the retention of your subscriptions as it helps your customers get more value from your product, faster.


The sooner your customers start to see or feel the effects of your product, the more likely they are to keep using it and ultimately develop a habit around it.

The support of a specialist will make them more advanced in using the product, keep them accountable, and accelerate the process of habit formation.

Aside from improving retention, coaching services are an extra value proposition that can also improve the conversion rate to purchase.

One thing Tenzo could improve in this section is adding Rita’s picture for an even more personal touch.


1/ There’s a lot to improve in the hero section:


2/ 'THE SCOOP ON TENZO' and 'ENJOY THE BENEFITS' are unclear as section headlines. Remember, the headlines should act as summaries rather than intros.


3/ It’s great that this image has cute icons but unfortunately, their descriptions are small and hard to read.


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